Fresh, Flavorful and From Your Backyard


Who doesn’t love the idea of having a steady supply of fresh, locally grown herbs and vegetables throughout the season?

Having an herb and vegetable garden is a great way to make dinners or any meal more flavorful. Not only will you have fresh produce in your own yard, but it can also be good exercise, a stress reliever and fun for the whole family. Providing herbs and vegetables for your family is gratifying and allows you to replace negatives associated with the commercial production and distribution of vegetables with freshness that is uniquely delectable.

Raised Bed Garden

Already have a garden that just isn’t producing like it should? Evaluate these key garden components and/or characteristics:



Soil is the most important factor in any garden and perhaps more so in a vegetable garden. Annual vegetables spend their entire season producing flowers and fruits, which makes them heavy feeders and a rich soil keep them growing strong and help ward off disease and pest problems. So for starters, the soil in your vegetable garden needs to be rich in organic matter.

Proper Soil


Vegetables don’t thrive in soils that remain saturated for prolonged periods of time. Raised beds allow you to control the soil in the planting area, it never gets stepped on and compacted, enhancing drainage and warming up faster in the spring, so you can plant earlier.

Sun and clouds


Vegetables are sun lovers, growing best with 6-8 hours or more of direct sunlight. Leafy greens can handle less sun and crops that prefer cool weather, like lettuce, will continue to grow throughout the summer when shaded by taller plants. Bottom line - choose a full sun location to site your vegetable garden.

Water droplet on leaf

Water and Irrigation

Vegetables need water on a regular schedule. If watered erratically they will exhibit problems like cracking open, not setting any fruit at all or becoming prone to cultural problems like blossom end rot. The location of your garden and proximity to water is an important consideration.

Garden Fencing


You’re not the only creature that enjoys eating vegetables. You will be amazed how fast animals can eat through not just the fruits of your efforts, but an entire leafy planting.

Your Garden CLUB Partners

Peas, Love and Parsley

You might be saying, "This all sounds great, but I don't have the time or skills to build, plant and maintain a productive garden". Through our collaboration with our friends at Peas Love and Parsley, getting started couldn’t be easier! Partnering with a local, woman owned business built around creating a customized garden(ing) experience allows us to provide end to end services, whether you prefer a 4’x4’ raised bed garden or a much larger traditional plot style garden - from installation to harvest. Whichever style and size is right for you, a garden can be an aesthetic component of your landscape that will provide season long enjoyment and save you money at the grocery checkout.

Learn more about the services that Peas, Love and Parsley have to offer and contact them to schedule your Free Phone Consultation.

Lucas Irrigation Co., Inc.

Lucas Irrigation has been specializing in responsible watering care of lawns and gardens since 1993. Their office is located in Weston, Massachusetts, servicing cities and towns in the surrounding areas. They combine 25 years of irrigation expertise with a customer centered approach.

Contact them for all your irrigation needs.

Bonadio and Sons Landscape Contractors

Need help with your green thumb? Along with our partners mentioned above, we can help plan, install and maintain your garden. With this team in your corner, you can be confident your crops will be bountiful and the process will be fun and rewarding along the way.

Contact us today to get your garden underway.