How to Add a Comfortable Summer Oasis to Your Landscape


stay cool this summer by creating an outdoor shaded area, while adding creative style to your landscape and entertaining spaces.

The official start of summer happens this week and with it comes warmer weather. Don’t let the hot, sun filled days cause you to take cover inside. Create your own cover and enjoy the great outdoors through the summer and into the fall. We’ve created a list of ideas that will make your landscape more enjoyable during the dog days of summer.

Seating under Arbor in Backyard


Added Sun Protection and Privacy

In need of shade and privacy but don’t have time for trees and shrubs to grow tall enough to provide shade? Then an arbor could be for you. An arbor is a structure with posts and a roof of sorts and often times it is made of wood or metal. By adding climbing plants or vines you will help your arbor blend in with your current landscape and garden areas, and create a vibrant shaded where you and your guests can relax. Having the ability to place an arbor where you’d wish, means you can decide where you want the shade. Just think, whether it's early morning coffee or late night beverages, you can enjoy the shade and privacy that an arbor provides.

Sun sail over a patio in high end home

Sun Sails:

Creative, Modern and Cost Effective

Is there too much sun on your patio or outdoor space? When designing or updating your landscape, be sure to take advantage of existing shade trees and shrubs when you can. This will help to protect you and your family from the hot summer

No trees around? No problem! A large umbrella will help bring some shade to the party. Want to be a bit more creative, a fabric canopy or sun sail will do the trick.

Don't forget to add some garden planters to accent your patio. They'll provide some nice decor as well as creating a focal point while resting and relaxing.

Outdoor furniture on a wooden deck

Comfy Furniture:

A Must-Have for Those Lazy Summer Days

Now that we’ve covered (literally and figuratively) how to make some shade, you need a place to sit to enjoy this new space. That’s where furniture comes in. Choosing outdoor furniture can be complex due to the number of materials and the potential cost, but first you should think about aesthetics. Do you want to bring the inside outside, or do you want to create a unique space with it’s own look? Comfy and weather resistant outdoor furniture is a must to maximize the relaxation of the outdoors. Most furniture can be used for spring, summer and fall. This investment will allow you to enjoy the birds chirping with that nice summer breeze or the crack of the fire into the cooler months.

Curious How to Start Your Oasis?

We are experts at transforming bland backyards and unusable spaces into outdoor areas that you just can’t get enough of. So rather than going through another summer thinking and wishing about your dream patio or entertaining area, reach out to us. We can make it a reality.