Preparation is Key: Plan Now for Fall Planting


it may not seem like it, but Fall is right around the corner and With fall comes the opportunity to add to your landscape and improve your yard.

Summer is in full swing, so get out and enjoy the sun and warm weather. While you’re relaxing on the beach or at your favorite outdoor spot, this is the ideal time to start thinking and planning for any new plants, trees or shrubs you want to have in your yard in the near future. If you missed planting in the spring, the fall is the second best season to plan and plant.

The cooler temperatures and bright, shorter days of fall dramatically help plants get established with new root growth in their new environment with little stress. These new plantings will have a stronger and better root system when it starts to grow in the spring.

You might think fall is too far in the future to think about now, but realistically we're talking mid-August through mid-October, which is right around the corner. If you wait too long in the fall season to plant, you run the risk of poor root growth and a high failure rate when that first frost comes in, and your plants will not had sufficient time to establish their root system. So develop a plan now, so you can plant soon and have vibrant healthy plants, trees or shrubs in you yard for years to come.

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Take the time to do it right

When planning your endeavors of planting, remember to keep in mind your long term goals. Healthy trees and shrubs will last for decades, so be conscious of how they will look full-grown and how they will fit into your landscape. Be sure to give them ample space to grow, and you should research what the plant's full-grown size will be, or consult with our professionals and we can give recommendations on what and where trees, shrubs or plants should be planted based on your needs and wants. Whether you’re looking for some colorful foliage in the fall, some afternoon shade in the summer or some privacy from that nosy neighbor, now's the time to start planning, so the planting can begin in the fall months.

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Decades of delivering delight

When planting trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses or anything of the like, you must ensure they are positioned in their proper locations and conditions. Certain plants and trees have specific requirements some of which include required hours of sunlight and/or shade, soil conditions and the amount of water the planting needs to survive. Consulting with an expert will ensure your plants find homes in conditions that are suitable for their needs. This will increase the odds that your investment will survive through all our (sometimes harsh) seasons and for years to come.

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Fall is the best time to renew and repair

While your planning for your new plants, trees and shrubs, don’t forget that the fall is a great time to think about your lawn. A thick lush lawn is desirable for every home owner, so whether you want to seed a new area of your yard, or repair and renew some spots that need some attention, the fall is the time to do it. The combination of the soil still being warm, moderate temperatures during the day and cool evenings encourages fast seed germination that will lead to a well established and well rooted lawn. Another benefit to fall seeding is with the cool fall temperatures, annual weeds like crabgrass, will begin to die off, making it easier for seed to germinate and grow. Lastly, because your seed and new growth is already down and established, you can get a head start on weed control in the spring.

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